Road and Bridge Works

Over five years, Osborn has been a self-performing leader in the construction of highways and bridges, and is one of the fast growing highway and transportation builders in the United Republic of Tanzania. It has contributed to the construction of many main highways and roads that connect various parts of Tanzania

Osborn works within several core sectors in the transportation industry that include earthwork, utility relocation, drainage, concrete structures, and concrete and asphalt paving, as well as aggregate production and the manufacturing of concrete and asphalt pavement.

Our experience and expertise enable us to provide excellent results in a timely manner. Our Company foundation is built on a strong commitment to Quality, Safety, Innovation, Flexibility, and Customer Satisfaction. Our awards attest to this fact.

Other Works

1: Drainage Works
2: Residential Housing
3: Commercial Building
4: Grading & Paving
5: Stone Works
6: Concrete Works
7: Aggregate Works
8: Culvert Works