Culvert Works

At Osborn we are experienced in construction of precast concrete box construction culverts, steel armco tubular and steel plate culverts including excavation, beddings, construction of culverts and controlled backfill operations. We are also experienced in the placing and installation of precast concrete headwalls to the ends of newly constructed culverts and outfalls including stone pitching to inverts of ditches

we have a true commitment to ensuring the health and safety of our workforce and everyone else on site or impacted by our operations. This is reflected in the high standard of our training and in the excellent level of maintenance of our plant and equipment. Regards our impact on the environment we collaborate with other stakeholders to improve our capability to crush screen process site won materials for reuse.

Other Works

1: Road & Bridge Works
2: Drainage Works
3: Residential Housing
4: Commercial Building
5: Grading & Paving
6: Stone Works
7: Concrete Works
8: Aggregate Works